Chicken & Egg Pictures

Enter the nest

Helping hand for a woman with a movie camera.

  • concept, wireframing, and prototyping
  • Sundance microsite concept and development
  • interface design, creative direction

Hatching new talents

Chicken & Egg Pictures is a place where established and aspiring women filmmakers can get support and the tools to realize the full potential of their projects.

C&E was founded in 2005 by Julie Parker Benello, Wendy Ettinger, and Judith Helfand who envisioned a place for women to learn from one another, test their limits, challenge the status quo, and break new ground both as artists and activists.

It is currently an organization that provides guidance, mentorship, and funding opportunities for the worthy candidates. The films from the supported directors have gone on to win Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, Peabody Awards, and The Ridenhour Documentary Film Prize as an example.

For this assignment I had to create an urgently needed Sundance microsite first, promoting the entries from the C&E supported filmmakers, and eventually the main nest for the organization.

For the second part of the job I worked closely with the Chicken & Egg team to build a website worthy of the great cause the fund stands for. The aim was to create an easy to manage resource which could be used by anyone willing to learn about or participate in supporting the women directors worldwide, or browse the catalogue of films created with the fund’s support and get more info on them.

Part I

The Sundance microsite had to be done quickly and present the nominated selection of films in a clear and to-the-point manner.

I created simple and straightforward layout consisting of landing page with five featured films, each of which had their dedicated page with brief info, synopsis, directors biographies, and other goodies.

As a side note that was the year when Whiplash swept competition away and got Grand Jury Prize for the best dramatic. But still Watchers of the Sky from the C&E selection got two awards.

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Part II

The main job I was hired to do.

The second part of the assignment was creation of the permanent place for the fund’s film catalogue, information about the grants receiving process, place to fill out the forms and get to know about the collaborations. Also a blog for the staff to post all the important information there is about the affairs of the C&E.

Making sense

C&E team was quite clear in what they wanted from their online resource and had perfectly structured content already available, so that the job was to simply tweak connections here and there, and that was mostly it.


For quicker turnarounds the simplest possible wireframing tools were used: pens, pencils, and sheets of paper!

We produced an ungodly amount of ideas and, as a byproduct, a lot of cellulose garbage which is a shame of course. Perhaps designers would be better off to stick to their screens after all.

Carried away in the process

I also provided a few ideas as to how the current fund logo could be refreshed. Little did I know at the time about the ways organizations like C&E operate and how many tiers had to be won to get something as fundamental as fund logo changed. Yeah, it never took flight.

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The project's further updates are now in the hands of the C&E in-house team.

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Design and development by Alex Dram
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Multi-disciplinary digital designer
During this dozen of years I've seen things young designers wouldn't believe. Grunge and web2.0 on the rise at the beginning of 00s. I watched first responsive sites glitter in the static dark near the start of 10s, and first UX-centric approaches emerging in recent years. I've seen skeuomorphism die. All those moments will not be lost in time.

The Who

Hi, I'm Alex. For many years I've been in the process of improving the digital realm around me (and improving myself at the same time) in a couple of ways I could. Mostly by giving it a meaningful look, providing the cues to not get lost in it, and ensuring I am not getting carried away by the visual side of the job. Mind you the last part is the hardest one.

The What

My field of expertise which may be of use to you, dear visitor, lies in the following:

  • visual design and art direction
  • user experience design, UI design, and information architecture
  • strategic consulting and project management
  • web development
  • Oh, and I can also teach you a thing or two about climbing rocks, scaling mountains or proper tango posture if this is something you'll ever require
I am always happy to dirty my hands on a complex task, so do not hesitate to hit me up with your requests! And if your project will benefit the humanity in any meaningful way I will make a 50% discount right away. No kidding.