Concocting refined experience for a craft brewery, winery, and restaurant combo

Collaboration with Havoc in creating an online presence and an online store for San Diego microbrewery that would match the extremely refined quality of Abnormal's interiors.

Travis of Havoc and Matt of Abnormal asked me to bring to life, create responsive versions, and set up an e-commerce for the brewery. I rarely take on projects which I did not personally design, but when I do I make sure I really like them for one reason or another. This is one of those cases.



Creative development, information architecture, interface design, e-commerce development, animation & interactions.

the lay of the land and what came out of it

As it stood Abnormal brewery itself was superbly crafted and decorated. It was beautiful and exquisite, modern and thoughtful. The restaurant premises were a marvel of interior design, the amount of thoughts that was going into the serving of every dish was absolutely mind boggling. But the online and branding parts were lacking. We realized brand's full potential and expanded it to the web.

Abnormal site had to be easy to update and manage so the choice fell on the Webflow ecosystem. E-commerce side uses it as well.

I created an extremely flexible layout system for the project, developed complex CMS structure for every dynamic element on the site, set up e-commerce solution that was hooked into third party services as necessary.

The year we launched the project wasn't the kindest for small businesses, but Abnormal proved itself to be super flexible, and adapted to changing conditions with grace. I wholeheartedly wish all the best to Matt and his staff.

Multi-disciplinary digital designer

2005 —
During these years I've seen things young designers wouldn't believe. Grunge and web2.0 on the rise at the beginning of 00s. I watched first responsive sites glitter in the dark at the dawn of 10s, and first UX-centric approaches emerging recently. I've seen skeuomorphism die. All those moments will not be lost in time.

The who

Hi, I'm Alex. For many years I've been in the process of improving the digital realm around me (and improving myself at the same time) in a couple of ways I could. Mostly by giving it a meaningful look, providing the cues to not get lost in it, and ensuring I am not getting carried away by the visual side of the job. Mind you the latter part is the hardest one.

The what

My field of expertise which may be of use to you, dear visitor, lies in the following:
  • visual design and art direction;
  • user experience design, UI design, and information architecture;
  • interactive design and animation;
  • strategic consulting and project management;
  • web development;
  • Oh, and I can also teach you a thing or two about climbing rocks, scaling mountains or proper tango posture if this is something you'll ever require.
get in touch
I am always happy to dirty my hands on a complex task, so do not hesitate to hit me up with your requests! And if your project will benefit the humanity in any meaningful way I will make a 50% discount right away. No kidding.