Creating universal language of visual design for the multilingual solution for Webflow

The lack of multilingual support is one of the few big issues with Webflow service. Weglot is the only solution that alleviates this shortcoming with grace.

The project was a collaborative child of yours truly and my old friend Sergey. We had a tight timeline around Christmas holidays and New Year to make the launch in time.

The task was to create a unique and memorable promotional page for the Weglot service that was getting ready to expand to the Webflow userbase.



Concept, wireframing, prototyping, animation & interactions, UI & graphic design, creative development.

The journey

In short we had quite a journey ourselves to create a journey experience for visitors.

We started with a basic wireframe with a couple of ideas that evolved almost unrecognisably towards the end of the project.

The most important consideration we had was that we needed to have something different. We didn't want to settle for a generic SaaS template with a list of advantages of using this service. We wanted users to take a trip, to see how things are now and how we want things to be with the help of Weglot.

End result was colourful, witty, fun to scroll through, full of complex interactions and clever techniques under the hood, and was a huge success among the Webflow and general design community, getting a few awards and a lot of recognition in the process.


We had our initial colours gradually change throughout the process, leaning this and that way during user testing.

I the end the visuals got the dusky tint with a lot of colourful splashes. Whole thing had to be playful, not boring, engaging, and defying conventional style fads and tendencies.

Where we started

After initial brainstormings with Weglot team and our own inner discussions, we came up with a complex storyboard that ensured that everyone understood where we were heading, and could provide feedback before we actually started development process.

This storyboard was the basis on which I built the project itself.


I created a seamlessly flowing experience with the help of interactive storytelling, unobtrusive road forks while navigating, and fun Easter eggs.

The page consists of six completely different sections, each telling a different part of story, all having pleasant animations, many featuring playful interactions.

Every little detail is subtly animated, exploring everything will take two or three visits at the very least.

Our interactions panel looks seriously insane for a single page.

Not only did this project introduce new service to Webflow users, but being cloneable and completely free to look into, it was also a great source of insight for any developer to learn new tricks.

And last but not least feat is that the site itself uses Weglot's translation service and is available in five languages. A team of translators (and yours truly as a volunteer for one of the languages) painstakingly made sure all the visual puns made perfect sense in all of them!

Multi-disciplinary digital designer

2005 —
During these years I've seen things young designers wouldn't believe. Grunge and web2.0 on the rise at the beginning of 00s. I watched first responsive sites glitter in the dark at the dawn of 10s, and first UX-centric approaches emerging recently. I've seen skeuomorphism die. All those moments will not be lost in time.

The who

Hi, I'm Alex. For many years I've been in the process of improving the digital realm around me (and improving myself at the same time) in a couple of ways I could. Mostly by giving it a meaningful look, providing the cues to not get lost in it, and ensuring I am not getting carried away by the visual side of the job. Mind you the latter part is the hardest one.

The what

My field of expertise which may be of use to you, dear visitor, lies in the following:
  • visual design and art direction;
  • user experience design, UI design, and information architecture;
  • interactive design and animation;
  • strategic consulting and project management;
  • web development;
  • Oh, and I can also teach you a thing or two about climbing rocks, scaling mountains or proper tango posture if this is something you'll ever require.
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I am always happy to dirty my hands on a complex task, so do not hesitate to hit me up with your requests! And if your project will benefit the humanity in any meaningful way I will make a 50% discount right away. No kidding.